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RUDDOG Double Sided Tape (clear,25mm x 1m) View larger

RUDDOG Double Sided Tape (clear,25mm x 1m)


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  • New from RUDDOG Products comes a clear doubles sided tape for a wide range of applications. Coming on convenient 100cm roll the clear silicone tape offers a comparable thickness of standard foam tapes, however it is much easier to remove from the chassis and electronics while still offering loads of gluing strength for demanding off-road and on-road applications. The somewhat thin tape keeps the electronics as low as possible minimal influence on the car’s overall centre of gravity and at 25mm width it is ideal for speed controller, receivers, personal transponders and many more.

    #RP-0096 Double Sided Tape (clear, 25mm x 1m)

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    RUDDOG Double Sided Tape (clear,25mm x 1m)

    RUDDOG Double Sided Tape (clear,25mm x 1m)